Crontab doesn't work


sorry for my english.

My command in crontab doesn’t work.
crontab is installed.
its active

osmc@osmc:/home$ ps -ef|grep cron
root 782 1 0 19:49 ? 00:00:00 /usr/sbin/cron -f

i type:
sudo crontab -e

i put:
1 * * * * echo toto > /home/toto.txt

and this file not create…
i dont fine log for crontab.


shouldn’t the location be /home/osmc/toto.txt?

Use full paths, such as /bin/echo.

Make sure you have a new, empty line before the end of crontab.

this commande its just for my test.

the folder /home exist.

root@osmc:/home# pwd

root@osmc:/home# ls
download osmc tmp

but toto its not create by the crontab


i dont see if the are a line before the end because the editor is nano so ive alway a line empty at the end

1 * * * * /bin/echo toto > /home/toto.txt

doesn’t work too

its work finaly but not in 1min …so why ?
1 * * * * = all the 1 min no ?

ah no, its 20h01 , 21h01 … ok

we can closed

Crontab timings can be confusing

If you want the job every minute it is:

* * * * * <job>

Every 5 minutes would be:

*/5 * * * * <job>

A quick google search for man crontab will give you all the tricks.