Crystal HD support in Krypton?

Unfortunately that someone only could be Sam.

Well I would not say no priority but due to the number of ATV/Crsystal HD users compared to currently other issues that impact potentially more users the prioirty might not be the highest.
So for the time being I suggest to wait till Sam finds time to look into this.

Just wanted to jump in and say I’ll lend a hand in this in any way I can, and also ask a semi-related question.

I’ve got the crystalhd driver working on Ubuntu 16.04, VLC can use it just fine, but obviously the normal version of Kodi won’t see it.

In looking at the osmc git, I see one patch pertaining to CrystalHD. I downloaded this patch and tried to run it against the current Kodi source from git and this is what I got:

crystalhd-enable.patch:79: trailing whitespace.
[ AC_DEFINE([HAVE_LIBCRYSTALHD], [2], [Define to 2 if you have the ‘New Broadcom Crystal HD’ library.]) ],
crystalhd-enable.patch:361: trailing whitespace.

crystalhd-enable.patch:389: trailing whitespace.
crystalhd-enable.patch:390: trailing whitespace.
crystalhd-enable.patch:391: trailing whitespace.
error: No such file or directory
warning: system/settings/settings.xml has type 100755, expected 100644
error: xbmc/cores/VideoPlayer/DVDCodecs/Video/ No such file or directory
error: patch failed: xbmc/settings/SettingConditions.cpp:29
error: xbmc/settings/SettingConditions.cpp: patch does not apply

Anyway, my question is this: if I get source for 16.1, can I just apply this patch and build a version of Kodi 16.1 that supports crystalhd? I’ve got a 2006 Mac mini that I use as a media center, and being able to use the crystalhd would really help it out :smiley:

Yes – you can apply it, but it may not necessarily work well for you


Is it possible to provide some temporary solution like replacing kodi.bin with last working version?
I remember that in Crystalbuntu days it was working this way. I don’t want reinstall whole OSMC because of files on HDD.

If it will be possible to quick replace only kodi.bin we could also test alpha builds one by one and find which one made regression.

Kodi from January package doesn’t work under latest OSMC. Did I something wrong?

/usr/lib/kodi/kodi.bin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Ok, I copied also and and Kodi is starting but remote control doesn’t work.

You can’t do that: if the downgrade was that simple we would of course provide it

Well, I did it and playback from 1080p BluRay seems ok.
Maybe there are some disadvantages that I’m not seeing but in my opinion it’s better than nothing.

As I said before only remote isn’t working and for tests I’m using USB mouse.
According to this I replaced atvclient but didn’t help.

You have a franken-build: a 16.x binary with 17.x line and addons. That won’t work well at all in the long run…


Do you need another beta tester who has a crystal HD card in their AppleTV?


I have enough testers for now


I have just installed the latest OSMC (2017.03-1-HDD). I have a stock Apple TV gen 1 but I have Crystal HD card in the mail that should arrive any day. Unfortunately I have just seen this forum topic :frowning:

Should I reinstall OSMC with an earlier version that supports CHD? Which version on the OSMC USB creator is the one that I need?

Edit: I am only setting this ATV up for Plex, so I’m happy with an earlier version of OSMC as long as Plex works well.


Hello Sam

Will be there soon a solution in view? When will the support of the Chrystal HD Card again take place? Or is this project dead?


Unfortunately it doesn’t look possible to get this to work smoothly. I might release a new build with CrystalHD support, but the lack of resources (256M RAM) seems to limit its usefulness.

sad to hear, but I guess it was inevitable. is it possible to lock updates for ATV1 from your side, so we don’t accidentally brake Kodi 16 installs with an unwanted update?

I can imagine that deleting all entrys in /etc/apt/sources.list should do this job.

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If you released a new build with CrystalHD support (even if it doesn’t work completely smoothly) I, personally, would greatly appreciate it. As it is now, I can’t watch anything in HD with just the software codecs, and that makes my ATV almost useless. I would most definitely upgrade to better hardware (and that is, of course, the best solution) I just don’t have the money available at the moment. Thanks for all your work, Sam!

Sam I have the same problem. I wish could work with this release, please.

Hi Sam,
care to elaborate on the exact issue? Kodi Krypton has grown bigger than Jarvis and therefore even getting Crystal support back in, there is just not enough left to still work ok? Do see it working ok if certain functions (please provide list), which might not be needed, one would disable? Or any other (memory) performance one can do? (Reduce number of (specific) plug-ins?).

The issue is also VideoPlayer related. It’s a new architecture, and is (still) closely coupled to Kodi itself, although the goal is to make it less so in the long term.

This means we can’t trivially bolt on the old DVDPlayer with CrystalHD support in the same way that we used to.

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@Spinner - Can you create a Sticky with commands (like the brilliant error one) that allows us to downgrade to a version that does use CHD? That way until it comes through in newer we can use the older one or remain there.

Downgrading isn’t possible, just use an older version