@sam_nazarko so, no plans for support CuBox-i4Pro?

No – I have heard that recent versions of our i.MX6 version do not run (kernel panic) on the i4, and we do not have an i4 at hand nor are SolidRun willing to cooperate with us to get this working, so we have cancelled i.MX6 support for other platforms.

Ouch, thats bad :frowning: Can i help? Provide some logs or something…?

Sorry to hear that. I can also offer help in testing.

Sorry, this is pretty clear though.


I have two HummingBoards 4 cores 4Gbytes and I love OSMC.

I do not have too much experience with the linux kernel but I have ported BSPs of QNX and VxWorks. I think is a good moment to get into the linux kernel.

I am thinking about work on the support of OSMC for HummingBoards. If create a fork of your repo and get it to work properly on the HummingBoards; Will you include it as a supported device?

I do not know how bad is your relation with SolidRun, maybe you want to prevent that OSMC runs on a SolidRun system.


We’re happy with them as an OEM vendor. They’re replacing faulty units and they’re fulfilling their contractual obligation as an OEM vendor.

However – OSMC runs on Vero, which is what we want it to run on and all we’re interested in for iMX6 until SolidRun demonstrate a commitment to iMX6. We haven’t received any quad core (or GC2000 based which is more likely the issue) hardware from them. We have heard recent versions of OSMC panic, but we don’t know how, or why (no logs)


I started with an old functional version of OSMC in my HummingBoard. I udated everything but vero-linux and vero-bootloader. It works if keep back this packages. After updating the kernel to the latest version (4.X) the kernel cannot boot because it cannot read the root file system. It looks like a problem with the SD driver.

I will try to compile the kernel and debug it.

Do you have any specific configuration for the kernel of the vero1? I cannot find any specific one inside the kernel source.

Thanks a lot for your help.

PD: I tried to create a thread in develop section but I am not allowed to do that.

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