Curt http2 with SSL or option to use disable http2


In the past few days lot’s of people started to complain (me inclusive) that IPTV simple addon just does not work. Some other guys have problems with TMDB. As it turns out the root of the problem is that “Cloudflare decided in it’s infinite wisdom not to follow standards that allow HTTP2 requests without encryption.” (as described in a kodi PR). This just makes these addons unusable. To give more context you can check this thread.

There is one (already merged) way to overcome this which is to have an advanced setting to disable http2 on curl (look here). Another open PR just makes curl to use SSL with http2. Both PR look pretty straight (though the second one is not merged nor even tested).

Bottom line, It would be nice if this could be backported to OSMC (it won’t be backported to Leia since Leia has had its final release) to fix this issue as it makes it impossible to use my vero4k for IPTV. And using night builds is not really the answer here since it is just an unstable build that can bring a lot other issues…


  • Nuno Sá

This should be solved in:


Cool!! Looking forward to receive an update. BTW, I tested the other PR that fixes this and it also worked. The point it’s to only use http2 with SSL.