Custom background color does not work osmc rpi2


I have a rpi 2 osmc with the latest update
I want to change the custom background color
but it does work

when I activate the option to change the background color I get a totally transparent background ( I installed the necessary extensions )
impossible to choose a color , am I the only one to have trouble ?

Thank you for your answers

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Can you post some logs so we can see if your device is up to date?

hi. thanks for your help
here are my log file

13:47:18.990 T:1925732864 DEBUG: [Warning] CGUITextureManager::GetTexturePath: could not find texture ‘DefaultRemovableDisk.png’
13:47:18.991 T:1925732864 DEBUG: Previous line repeats 1 times.
13:47:18.991 T:1925732864 ERROR: Control 3110 in window 13001 has been asked to focus, but it can’t
13:47:18.995 T:1925732864 DEBUG: [Warning] CGUITextureManager::GetTexturePath: could not find texture ‘Background-Custom.png’

Here are screenshots if it can help you

I have exactly the same problem on RPi 3 and this really makes me mad! This background color is also used in some parts of OSMC skin, so when I change it to custom color, not only menus shows no color tint but also fanart images in TV Shows category etc.

I found a solution, you download GitHub - osmc/skin.osmc
once download, unzip ( )
and rename folder ( skin.osmc ) and zip folder ( ) and install in kodi

it worked perfectly for me after I’m not sure if this can create problems in future updates

It’s probably some corrupted files within the skin. It’s not widespread and most users don’t have these problems. If you can solve the issue by copying the contents of the skin repo over the existing skin/reinstalling it from a zip, that’s perfect :+1:t2: Just keep in mind that the skin repo might be in a newer state than the skin folder on your OSMC system.

Just a hint: You can rename the folder inside the zip file as well. No need for unzipping and repacking :wink: The renaming is essential though. Otherwise you’ll install the OSMC skin a second time as a secondary skin. If named properly (skin.osmc), it’ll be treated as an update of the existing system skin.

thanks for the tip i will soon reinstall osmc ( fresh install ) if i still have the same problem i will use your tip

It looks like I got to the bottom of this issue… I’d like you to test something for me, please. Do you know how to SSH into your OSMC device?

The next update should solve this issue :+1:t2:

The June update is out and therefore also the fix for this issue… Could you be so kind and test the issue and leave a short feedback here? :slightly_smiling_face: