Custom Folders on main page

In addition to the Movies, tv shows and music folders that are default on the vero 4k, is it possible to create your own folders. Perhaps a 4K folder?

This isn’t possible, but you might be able to categorise it somehow by making a fake movie series.

Well I would say it’s not possible from a Library point of view. But you could do it using file view if the 4k movies are in a separate folder or source

This might help adding basically whatever item possible to the main menu and customize it afterwards in settings/interface/osmc skin/customize home menu… Not sure though whether the context menu option to add the currently selected item works within the file view section (if your 4K category shouldn’t feed from the library, but directly from a location).

If you want to add 4K movies which are already in your library, you could try creating a smart playlist which filters by resolution (not sure whether that’s possible though) or by location (if your 4K movies are stored in a seperate location) and add this playlist to the home menu via the settings section mentioned above.

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