Custom hwdb not working

Hi all,

I’m currently migrating my setup from a Cubox-I running ArchLinux to RPi3 running OSMC.

As part of that I need to remap a key on my cheap RF remote from KEY_UNKNOWN to F1(not used by any other key). In Arch I did this with a simple hwdb file in /etc/udev/hwdb.d/ followed by systemd-hwdb --update and all was well.

I’m not able to achieve the same in OSMC though. I did create my file and re-built the hwdb.bin using udevadm hwdb --update but it’s simply not being applied. What I’ve done so far is

  1. Created my overrides in /lib/udev/hwdb.d/ to make sure they would be picked up by udevadm
  2. Overwritten the hwdb.bin in /lib/udev in case OSMC is ignoring my generated one in /etc/udev
  3. Checked all identifiers to make sure the device was being identified in the same way as on Arch so my rules should apply.

Now I know OSMC and Arch are very different distro’s. Am I missing some small detail on OSMC(debian) that is needed to make my changes stick/apply?

P.S. Why do we not have systemd-hwdb on OSMC?

Whats the output of:
systemctl status systemd-hwdb-update
Thanks Tom.

Apologies not present in jessie, I’m currently testing stretch.

I can find no reference to hwdb in Debian, on which OSMC is based:

OSMC, being a media centre, does allow for the mapping of keys to Kodi functions, but I have the impression you’re looking for something else.

Because assimilation of everything in to systemd is a little slower with Debian.
I suspect your version of systemd is much newer than that on Arch.

Better for you to define a keymap using eventlircd.
See how it’s done for the new (TBA) OSMC remote here:

I’d be happy to accept a PR to add support for your remote.


Thanks Sam! This seems to have done the trick.

Please find my PR here.