Custom menu item for just anime

Edit: after a couple hours of searching, I’ve found how to do it using smart playlists.

For others. link is here:How To: Custom Home Items using Aeon Nox Silvo - Official Kodi Wiki

I’ve got a huge collection of anime, and I also have a nice collection of non-anime. I’'m currently using the aeon nox skin, but if skin has an effect on what I’m trying to do, I can change to a skin that works.

I created an “anime” menu item so it’s on the “home” screen. However, items I’ve scanned into it appear in both the “TV Shows” and “Anime” menus, while I want only anime in anime, and only other shows in TV Shows.

Is it possible to do? If so, please link some type of tutorial.

I did that in Transparency! skin. You have to create smart playlists for every content you want separate. For me, I have Movies (normal movies), TV Shows, Anime Series and Anime Movies.

OK, there are some problems with displaying the content of my xml file for smart playlist. If you need it, let me know. I’ll post it somehow.

Of course you have to choose your own name and path where your files are stored. As you can see in my example, I’ve got everything on my NAS. You location will be different. Remember, that if you want to separate those from normal movies and TV series, you have to create two more smart playlists for that content. Same as above, the name and path will change.

Put those in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/playlists/video/ directory. The name doesn’t matter but you must remember which file name is which. As next step is to alter some skin behaviour. Like I said before, I’m using Transparency! skin. The file you must alter is Includes_Home.xml which is located in /home/osmc/.kodi/addons/skin.transparency/1080p/. Now the fun part begins. It took me some time to find where and change some settings for this to work. You can find my file here Download it, search inside for xsp files (there will be four (4) of them) and change to your own names. Last step is go to the settings->skin settings and enable button1 and button2 before the end of the list. I’m sorry but I can’t remember exact names. You can enable there three custom buttons. First two are your goal. now you should have your custom menu just for anime.

The BIG problem is, when there will be an update to the skin (which will happen, probably when kodi18 comes out) and you will have to edit this file again. But not just copy/paste from old one. There might be some more changes and you will have to search new file and spend some time on it. I had to do that three times. But so far it works very well.

I think it’s very simple to do in OSMC skin :wink: I’ve never tried it myself as I don’t use it. But you may start there and look it up :slight_smile: