Custom Shutdown Timer with stop playback and CECStandby

I have modified Custom shutdown timer to stop playback after timer ends and it’s working well, but I want also let it send CECStandby command.

I’ve modified file:

After adding next line CECStandby //it inmediately puts TV to standby. :neutral_face:

How is possible after timer ends run another command?
I don’t have any coding skills :blush:
P.S. I’ve tried Sleep timer and Sleep watchdog addons, but neither of it was able to do things like stop playback and send CECStandby command together.
I’ve Vero 4K with latest update.

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Hey there, i just wanna say thank you for the modified Custom shutdown timer. if you could show us some day on how you modified it, that would be great and help other people out there. Sorry a developer has not replied to your post but i like your post and hope we can make a pull request for this and merge it in github.