Custom Skin Shortcut to exit OSMC to Terminal

Is there a way to create a Skin Shortcut Menu to exit OSMC and go to terminal? The action for RetroPie’s skin shortcut is System.Exec(/home/osmc/ so do I have to do something like System.Exec(stop mediacenter) which doesn’t work btw.


Is this even possible? something like System.Exec(/home/osmc/

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter

That won’t launch anything else though.

Thanks for the reply. But do you mean it would just leave the screen blank? Or “exit” Kodi and return to terminal?

On it’s own you’d just get a blank screen, so you’d need to start whatever you want to start as well.

I see.

And what would the command be if I want to start a terminal session? Sorry I’m still new at all this, coming from Windows.

It would probably be quite helpful for you (and many others on this forum) to have a look at the info we’ve provided in our wiki.

I’ve read the wiki page before, hence the reason I made this thread if it’s at all possible. I believe it would save time to have a script/shortcut that does the exit-waitForLogo-pressEsc or just exit-runTerminal. I’ve already managed to install X11/lxde desktop together with OSMC (and retropie) as well as w3m terminal browser. This is my main goal actually - to have a complete entertainment system (kodi+web browser+gaming) without the need to reboot like NOOBS or BerryBoot.

Not really a big deal to reboot you know, but it’ll be cool to be able to do this IMO. Lakka can’t do this, openelec can’t do this (or very difficult), retropie/emulationstation can (sort of), but OSMC is a lot more elegant to me because

  • has apt-get
  • skin is simple and awesome, fast & easy to customize
  • one interface (the skin) to play videos, run retropie, and hopefully others as well)
  • easiest to install retropie on top of Kodi
  • actually able to install lxde, and easily

Just my opinion and observation. Cheers for the great work anyhow!!!