Custom widgets and trakt library integration

Hi these are two feature that I would like to see in the future if possible. I probably should have made two separate requests for these but thought I wouldn’t clutter up the topic board.

Would it be possible to add a custom widget option in the future for us to create or set up or own path for it (abit like the sub menu) and/or have trakt program plugin integrate with the library or have its own widget?

I know other skins allow this and would love this feature in OSMC as it is my favourite skin so far apart from minor hiccups with widgets.


As regarding widgets, most skins which offer a huge variety of customisable widgets from whichever playlists, library nodes or - as you request - add-on nodes use the Skin Shortcuts script - whether via the full menu management options this script provides or via its ‘Just-Select’ methods. The current OSMC skin doesn’t support these methods and my understanding is there isn’t a maintainer for the current skin, so I don’t believe it is something that will be available with the current OSMC skin.

Yeah I didn’t think it would happen with current skin but I thought it maybe something to look into when the skin is updated for kodi 17.

Thanks for the response though. Much appreciated