Customise Home Menu broken for me


I seem to have somehow broken the “Customise Home Menu” option. I can’t even get into the menu option any more. I was trying to create some menu items for my Catchup TV addons. I’ve had them there but in trying to get a Live TV menu to appear, I tried to do a “Reset shortcuts” which seems to have removed them (I thought it would only reset the menu item I was on - is that a bug?? What is the difference between “Reset shortcuts” and “Reset all shortcuts”??)

Anyway, I was trying to add them back in, which has never been an issue before but it came up with an error saying unable to build shortcuts and told me to upload the logs which I have done to here:

System is a RaspberryPi model B, HDMI, power supply and USB TV dongle connected currently.

I’ve tried a reboot and attempted another update (though I only updated this morning…)