Customize Main Menu readability

Hi guys. I would really appreciate if you guys could change the colours of the Customize Main Menu screen.

After this screen appears, the shade of blue is much lighter and the white fonts on the right are smaller which makes readability quite difficult when scrolling through the menu. I’ve had to go out and back in again a couple of times because I’ve lost track of the placement.

The skin is being worked at and it will be much clearer what is selected.

Thank you! I know it’s still in development, but wanted to make sure it was brought to your attention.

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How the heck can I get out of the Customize Main Menu section? On keyboard ESC is supposed to be return but it does nothing. I have a TV control (HDMI-CEC) but Exit does not return either. I am stuck with a reboot as the only way out…

Must have missed something?

Hmm. Exit on my CEC remote works fine. There is a button at the bottom that says OK. That should get you back.

I’m also using HDMI-CEC and the ‘Back’ button on my remote works just fine to get out of all menus.

Well, I have tried again… and a new controller also fails to get any response. So that is KB, USB Controller and HDMI-CEC. All the “OK” or “Back” presses register a click but the skin won’t let me exit the page. This means I cannot get the damned thing to remove the “MyOSMC”, “Programs” and/or “Settings” (as content by default is same for all 3!!!)

Any ideas? Can someone edit theirs and send me the XML?

EDIT: Problem solved

Confirmed it works fine on a fresh install. I suspect this is related to the addon for RetroPie that I installed.