Customizing the "Recent Episodes" Widget


I just added a new tab to the home screen through the skin customization menu, for Anime, while keeping the regular TV shows tab. As I have both categorized in different folders in my server, I would like the recent episodes widget to map their respective folders only on selected tabs. But the TV Shows tab keeps showing the recently downloaded Anime episodes and vice versa.

Is there an easy way to solve this without ghetto editing the widget addon?


With the current OSMC skin in a word - No. The available widgets in the skin are fixed, and to add or change any requires ‘ghetto’ editing.

Alright then,
Is there ANY way to separate those two mappings, instead of just defining both as “TV Shows” like maybe a custom command in the skin settings? So the Recent Episodes widget display them accordingly?

It’s not impossible to hack the skin if you have some experience with the Kodi skinning engine to use a playlist for a widget. It’s not a job for a beginner, though. Alternatively you could look for another skin that allows widgets based on either a playlist or a library node (depending how you’re separating your content within Kodi). Alternatively, you can wait for the new OSMC skin for Krypton, which will support playlists/library nodes as widgets.

Thank you kind sir.

It should also be noted that your changes will likely be reverted each time OSMC updates if you try to hack the skin in this fashion.