Cyclical audio cuts playing some videos

Hi everybody,

I’m having some audio cuts when I’m trying to play some videos, every one/two seconds the sound of the video becomes muted just por half second and then it comes back.

Any idea? if you need more information just ask for it.

thank you very much

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. Please see for advice on how to help us.

This is how you submit a useful support request. Asking us to ask you for more info is a waste of time for everyone… :confused:

Sorry ActionA, I forgot to give all the information:

The information I have right now:

I’m running OSMC on an Apple TV with a CrystalHD BCM70015. I have installed the lastest version of OSMC with Jarvis installed (I updated it yesterday).

It’s HDD installed.

The audio cuts occurs always in the same videos all of them 720/1080p and all of them are videos of my library that are stored on a local NAS in my local LAN and occurs every 2 seconds for just an instant and in that way it’s imposible to watch a movie.
All that videos where perfectly displayed a week before when I have installed Crystalbuntu 2 on my Apple TV.

The other videos of my library are displayed perfectly (audio and video).

I have conected my Apple TV to my television via HDMI.

I will provide as soon as posible the algorithm of compresion of the videos in wich I have the issue.

After restarting and checking all audio options the problem seems to ve solved.

Sorry for thw waste of time :sweat:

Same thing happens to me and to my parents. Sometimes all the actors will have a high pitched voice. It seems to do this if it’s been idle for a little while. A simple reboot fixes it for me (and seems to for you too).

Maybe it was the thing that solved my issue.

Thank you skybehind