Dark Grey subtitles for HDR


This is more of a feature request, but since it concerns HDR I’ll post it in the Vero 4k section.

Could you please add “Dark Grey” to the subtitle colours?

The reason is simple. When watching HDR content grey subtitles are turning white and I mean WHITE, blindingly white. A remedy for external subtitles is to change the font color to 808080, but that has to be done by hand in every .srt file and it does not help when one uses internal srt-subtitles.

You are on the wrong website. You are requesting a Kodi feature. It has nothing to do with OSMC.

Kodi actually allows you to change the colour. Check the wiki or forum of Kodi.tv.

There is already a thread about this problem on the Kodi forum. I thought maybe the OSMC-team could offer a solution. I remember that it took quite a while to persuade the Kodi developers to allow different colours.

Can you take a quick photo of the issue?
If Kodi let’s you change the subtitle colour we might be able to change it specifically for HDR content. I’m not sure whether dark gray is appropriate for every video however.


That’s the Kodi setting “grey” in HDR mode

Of course the possibility of less-white subtitles only for HDR-content would be the best solution.

Beware that it might be an issue with your TV, since I watched lots of hdr content with subtitles and they showed fine.

My Sony TV sets brightness to maximum when it senses HDR. One can dial it down of course - actually I have to or I would go blind while watching a movie in a dark room - but still the subtitles shine like a white sun…
And as you can see from the image above the picture is not overly bright

Funny that I thought this same thing today. I’m facing the same problem that the grey subtitles are too white and bright with HDR content and it’s only with downloaded subtitles, the subtitles that is included with movie are OK. I think the issue is with led TV’s that can be very bright with whites. Oled maybe doesnt suffer this problem because it isnt as bright with whites like LED and has better blacks so it doesnt get that cloudy surroundings with subtitles. My TV is Samsung KS7000(8000in america).

Thank you guys for osmc and vero4k, I’m loving it!

That’s where it may get complicated.
I’m following this issue but not sure what the best approach is at this time.



Pleasing everyone is not an easy task for sure :wink:

For me most of the internal subtitles are still too bright. But since I rarely use PGS subs (the font is too big for my taste, I know, I’m picky) I came up with my own solution:

I only use external subtitles and add <font color="#676767"> to every line. The Plex plugin/channel Sub-Zero Subtitles does it automagically for me (after a small change to the python script), so there’s very little or no effort involved.

If anyone is using Plex with Sub Zero, the colour codes for subtitles are in the file
Plex Media Server\Plug-ins\Sub-Zero.bundle\Contents\Libraries\Shared\subzero\modification\mods\color.py

is there any solution for kodi?

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Not that I know of

Really would also like a solution. Using the Vero 4k on LG OLED C7V, subtitles in HDR are killing me. Grey does not work, Yellow is only marginally better (but yellow, ugh).

Add me to the list of people who would really like that. Those bright subtitles mess with the local dimming of my Sony XE90 sometimes.

So can we just change subtitles to 676767?
And is this OK for SDR?

I would use it even in sdr… edit: on second thought, it might be too dark for sdr on some older tvs… but as long as the original grey is also available to choose, I see no problem

My Sony is very bright and the current grey is white even in sdr… so my guess is that 676767 will look like grey was intended to look.

676767 is too dark for SDR - I only noticed after I found it great for HDR and did not watch SDR contents.

I was trying around a bit during the last weeks and ended up with C0C0C0 - it is white in HDR, but not blinding, and not too dark for SDR

Sounds like a good compromise… anyway I take anything darker than the grey we have now…

I also have problem with too bright subtitles in HDR on my Philips OLED Tv. I can’t wait for the solution.

Best regards

Hi,I have the same problem with my OLED Philips TV.Is there any solution?? If the subtitles were grey,it will be perfect.It’s a shame that you play content in 4K and HDR with this,and can’t enjoy because the bright of the subtitles…thanks in advance!!