Data added to library

Currently running 18.1 and have noticed that when scanning new movies into the library using local .nfo files, it seems to be picking up the last modified date of the video file as the date added to the library, rather than the date added in the .nfo. Is this a bug or by design?

Stable is 18.2 Try updating.

does the nfo file have a date flag? not sure… but anyhow, theres an advancedsetting regarding this (not for nfos but for the video file) advancedsettings.xml - Official Kodi Wiki

That’s a good point about nfo having a date flag. I use media centre master software to build nfos and that inserts a data added value in the nfo, which I’ve assumed is valid?

Date the file was added to library. Not used on Import. Can be altered in advancedsettings.xml

According to WIKI not used in import, so obviously by design. Thanks for the pointer.