Date for DVB-T2 support?

Hi Sam,

at which date or alternatively release will the DVB-T2 stick be fully supported by the Vero 4K?


When it is ready is probably the best answer. I don’t expect this to be far behind



Can I just confirm that this means:

  1. The DVB-T2 Dongle from the OSMC Store?

  2. Not fully supported means no HD channels?

If so, this should be highlighted on the store product page, as I’ve been wasting time trying to figure out what’s not working. Please get this working soon.


Yes, I was referring to the dongle from store. No, it is not about HD channels.

For DVB-T2 in Germany at least, it is only the Vero being powerful enough to do the required H.265 / HEVC decoding for HD, as compared to a Raspberry for example.

I have verified the OSMC DVB-T2 Tuner on Vero 4K in Ireland.
It works out of the box with TVH and plays TV channels in HD perfectly.

I have some conflicts with Sundtek DVB-T2 and DVB-S2 tuners installed in Vero 4K at the same time as the OSMC tuner, but standalone the OSMC DVB-T2 tuner works on Vero 4K for HD channels without any issues.

Providing some general clarification here to avoid further confusion:

1.) The DVB-T2 stick contains two different receiver chips from Realtek and Panasonic. Both can be used to receive DVB-T, but only the Panasonic chip is capable of demodulating the more complex DVB-T2 signal. Current Vero 4K kernel does not yet support the Panasonic chip and thus only “sees” DVB-T multiplexes. Depending on the country (check either only DVB-T or DVB-T2 or both are active.

2.) For HD video decoding, independent of the transmission type, in many cases H.264 is used. H.264 is a rather old and not too complex video coding algorithm and thus even devices like the Raspberry are able to decode it. In contrast, DVB-T2 HD in Germany uses the newer and more powerful H.265 coding, also known as HEVC. This one is too complex for the Raspberry, whereas the Vero 4K is powerful enough to handle it.


Are you saying that both the Realtek and Panasonic tuners are shown in TVH on your Vero 4K system?

This certainly not the case for me and I was under the impression that @sam_nazarko acknowledged that to be an issue.

According to the link @AndreasK provided, Ireland does not broadcast DVB-T2. I suppose it is technically feasible to put HD (1080p) programme on DVB-T with fewer channels per mux.