Date/time settings/Keyboard mappings and local/input method selection


I’ve been using the latest OSMC version on a Raspberry Pi 3. Version: 2016.2.3.

Just to be clear. While OSMC provides good features when it comes to reading files, there are shortcomings and UX improvements to be made:

  • provide a region selection wizard on first startup and a link in the settings to rerun it if needed,
  • no more usage of the command line to install other keyboard layouts other than qwerty. To me, from a user perspective, running sudo apt-get install console-common and having a DOS like window from the 90’ era is unacceptable,
  • reset settings options on submenus translations be be shortened - just ‘reset’ for instance?
  • when pressing Esc on the main menu, provide the shutdown menu,
  • add ‘Open terminal’ option to the power-off menu as well as a hint to restart OSMC UI,
  • just provide a input method/language submenu,
  • Date/time settings? Settings > Date/Time/Timezone,
  • Weather channel not accessible for all regions - why and how to set it up?


I’ve been playing around with OSMC a while longer and noticed the following issues:

  • Incorrect or incomplete translations, I can help with that,
  • When accessing Pi settings a popup is shown even when no settings are changed,
  • Selecting a video/music/TV Show folder is not intuitive, providing a basic interface with folder would be much better or scan ~/Pictures/, Movies or Music folders respectively by default,
  • Modifying an existing Library folder is not possible? You must enter the actual folder path as well as a name for it but I found no way to update a folder,
  • How to add Pictures to OSMC library? Again, simplicity matters, e.g.: browse from a file either on local SD card, external hard drive or USB key, option to auto add all files from folder at once.

We do

I assume you mean for using a locale outside of Kodi? This has been discussed before. I have a standard QWERTY keyboard and haven’t experienced any issues. console-common isn’t a great way of addressing this but it is good to know this single package resolves the issue. I do believe it causes issues with our splash screen, which is why we didn’t include it originally. For now, installing it via apt is perfectly acceptible way of adding locale support until we look at this further. If you want to use a custom keyboard layout on the command line, this one liner is acceptable.