DAZN and WAIPU.TV streams cause the whole app to crash (sad smiley)

Hello friends,

on weekend i installed on my Vero4k (fully updated) the DAZN Addon and the WAIPU.TV PVR Client (german TV). Both start, accounts are accepted, WAIPU is showing all channels, DAZN shows the available sport-streams. But if i start a stream on DAZN the whole app crashes with a blue sad face. On WAIPU if i start a public channel it works perfect. If i start a private channel the whole app crashes like DAZN.

Searching the internet i found out this is because of the widevine thing and inputstream adaptive. With the inputstream helper addon i reinstalled the inputstream adaptive but it helped nothing. Youtube streams are working, which is strange…

First question: has anybody an idea? :slight_smile:
Second question: could someone who has a new Vero V test if DAZN and the WAIPU PVR are working? If so this would be a reason to buy a Vero V…

Best wishes,

Do DAZN and WAIPU require an account/subscription to use their service?
Are they geofenced?

If so, then maybe only people living in your area who have those subscriptions could test that out.

I live in the USA, so if the services can be used without an account and don’t geofence then I might be able to test it out for you.

Yes you need an account for both… WAIPU is free for a month. Maybe only People in Europe can test it

Thank you anyway!