DCI-P3 feature

Hello all,
is it possible to add the DCI-P3 colour space (so that instead of REC2020 the DCI-P3 can be used)?
I got a projector which is capable of DCI-P3. So i would use for the my UHD content a DCI-P3 profile (and for the Bluray content also, because the DCI-P3 colour space is bigger than the REC709 used on Bluray).
I would like to set my projector to DCI-P3 and play all files (regardless if it is Bluray content or UHD).
Is this possible?

Yes. It’s possible on Vero and we’ll look into it. I don’t know enough about RPi.

If you are using a Vero, could you post logs with it connected to your projector and let us have the make and model?

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Could you give me a quick how to get the log?

Either via Settings -> MyOSMC -> Log Uploader or SSH grab-logs -A

@grahamh sorry for the short delay :slight_smile:

heres the log:


Projector is an Epson LS10000

We are not seeing DCI-P3 capability in the EDID. Can you connect Vero direct to the PJ, set it to DCI-P3 mode and grab logs again?