DD+ no sound

I have a Sony Sony HT-ST3 soundbar/amp handling all of my audio from the Vero 4K box and I have configured the audio on the Vero to passthru on all the formats the amps supports.

I have recently tried to play back some mkv tv shows that contain DD+ and I get no audio. If I disable the passthru for DD+ I get the sound back but it sounds ‘muddy’ which I assume is because its being down converted to 2 channel stereo.

I know the amp supports DD+ so can you offer any advise on what may be happening here?

Also, I’ve set up the Audio output to 7.1 (as the amp supports 7.1 formats) but the soundbar is a 2.1 system. What should I set to get the best audio?



Please post a Kodi debug log or a screenshot of your audio settings.



Are you sure about this?
Specs say otherwise:

Oddly it looks like it supports HD audio, but not EAC3/DD+