Dead 4K plus

My 4K crashed a few days ago for the first time and it’s just done it again but now appears dead? No lights lit - can’t remember if there were any before. Power supply meters put ok?

There’s no blue LED on the 4K +, but you should see a red light for a couple of seconds when you power it as it boots.

Do you mean that you’ve checked the PSU?


Yes with a multimeter Sam - 5.3 volts.

5.3 is a little on the high side.
Can you confirm that the PSU is connected directly to the wall (nothing in between) and whether you see any light on the Vero (should see a red light briefly)?



I didn’t know where to look but noticed a glowing red light inside, next to power socket. It was glowing without power plugged in! I unplugged USB extension (one of yours) and the light went out. I’ve plugged power back in without USB and the 4K has come back to life! The PSU into USB was 5.1 volts. What do you make of this?


I need a bit more details.
Do you mean that you’re using the OSMC USB hub with the Vero?

If so: what peripherals are connected?


Yes Sam. Just got a wireless keyboard dongle plugged in. It’s for a very small keyboard I bought for a Rasberry Pie.

Ok, so the keyboard is connected to the osmc hub?

Are you also powering that hub? As there’s no real load you won’t need to do this. If you had some hard disks attached, it would warrant this.

Alternatively you can remove the Vero PSU and power the Vero from the hub.

Hope this clears things up


I’m just using the dongle for the remote and the dongle for the keyboard which is battery operated. I don’t need the hub, I just bought it ready for when I get a hard drive. I’ll stop using it for now and if I need more usb’s I’ll do as you suggest and use one power supply unless I get a hard drive. Thanks for your prompt service Sam - didn’t expect at this time of the day.

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You’re welcome – thanks for your kind words.


Did I understand this correctly? I can power the Vero 4K+ from the Vero USB hub? So I can have just 1 power adapter plugged in? The USB hub’s power adapter only?

This is something I experienced as well. The Vero won’t power up when the powered USB hub is attached but I can see the blue led.

I have to detach the hub for the vero to boot. This is probably by design and thanks to circuit protection.

More details here Vero 4K - Working without Power Plug (USB Only)

Yes – there are some customers that cannot use the standard plug due to their environment.

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