Dead 4k…

So it’s been locking up and freezing a lot over the last year. Sometimes it hangs with a green screen and I can reboot via SSH and sometimes it just locks and is unresponsive so I have to power cycle it. Got up yesterday and it was completely dead. When I plug the PSU into the Vero, it will briefly flicker red. If I leave it plugged in to the Vero and plug it into the wall, nothing at all happens. The PSU has positive 5 VDC. I used a 5v 2a phone charger, USB-C to USB-A and the Vero is unresponsive. Am I missing something or is it just officially dead?



Those USB-C PSU’s can be rather picky about when they start letting the current flow. A less intelligent power supply with a USB A-A cable would be more definitive.

Good point. If I can just invent a time machine….

OK I guess I have to go to the basement

So I ordered a USB-A to a cable, plugged it into an appropriate power supply, and it’s alive!

Thanks all.

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