Dead power supply suggestions?

I have a Vero 4k+ and the power supply appears to have died. It wont come up and only shows the front light flashing red every second or two. I also have a second Vero 4k+ and have tested it with that power supply, and it comes up fine, so i’m pretty confident.

I know what I need to get, as there are specs elsewhere in the forums. My question is more about quality. I seem to remember reading threads on here previously which suggested these units can be a little demanding, so a good power supply is important. What do I look for in a power supply to have some confidence in its quality? Honestly, the stuff i’ve found from Googling all seems a bit random at best. Does anyone have a recommendation for something which is known to be good and reputable? I’ve had a look in the OSMC Shop here, but the only PSU in there is one for a RasPi.

Any recommendations from anyone who has been down this road before would be most welcome.

Many thanks all.

If you want to get it from the OSMC Shop you can use below order pages. But I believe normally there should be also quality power supplies be found in the local market. Generally you should find a powersupply with >2A. In terms of quality it is harder to identify but the old advise quailty cost money might be at least a direction.


Thanks for these links. I appreciate the pointers. I’ll see what I can do locally first, but its nice to have something solid that I can fall back on. If I cant find something that looks trustworthy, i’ll go with this. Cheers.

Is there a reason why these are not listed on Store - OSMC?

Only @sam_nazarko would know that.