Debian and OSMC

I see from: Install package home:osmc / osmc-installer, there is an installer for debian.
Has anyone done this?
My plan is to DL the minimal netinstall image and install to a spare disc, and run the osmc installer, I am guessing this installs the complete osmc experiance, is that a correct assumption?

The installer is for creating a SD Card for use on a Pi/Vero, not for installing OSMC on PC hardware. I assume this is what you are wishing to do?

Yes, install to pc. I have seen mention that a pc version has been in the works for sometime, and guessed this was it. Any word on a pc version?

The PC version is a low priority at this time, so there is no estimate on when it may be available.

ok, thanks. I’ll give a go with debian and kodi on top