Debug disables after reboot

I have an intermittent, inconsistent problem when using simple IPTV add-on that I wouldblike help with but am unable to produce the required log file due to the debug option seemingly malfunctioning. I can enable debugging but it always auto disables on reboot. I’m using Raspberry Pi 4 (ethernet connection) with OSMC latest update but the debugging feature has been malfunctioning for months now. Is there a simple way to resolve this so I can provide the required log when I submit a query?

Could it be your SD card failed and is in read only mode?
To test put a file on the card and reboot and check if the file with content still there.

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You could try setting loglevel with an advancedsettings.xml file.

Thank you for the suggestion. I’m not sure what is meant by ‘a file’. I’m able to download/add new sources through File Manager which remains after reboot. Would I still be able to do that if the SD card is ready only?

No, you wouldn’t.

Sometimes Kodi doesn’t write out the settings file when just debug has been changed. This isn’t really new or something that is specific to you. If you use the advancedsettings.xml method it should work. It has a secondary benefit in that you can enable debug without the overlay as well. You will just want to remember to remove it after your done gathering your logs.

Thank you. I’d give it a try if you think it’d help but unfortunately I don’t have a scooby how to do that (OAP of 77 yrs). Is there a ‘how to’ somewhere accessible?

You would have to access the terminal and type in…
nano ~/.kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml
which would bring you into a word processor that you would put the information found in that wiki I posted previously. Once you were done with the content of the file you would ctrl x, ctrl y, and then enter to save the file and exit nano.

But if that is sounding a bit advanced I would try enabling debug and then exit the settings windows and then go back into the settings and then back out again (make sure you use the back/previous button and not home or a another button that makes a open window action) and then in Kodi’s power menu choose the exit option to see if that makes it stick.

I’m always prepared to follow clear instructions but I’ll give the second of your suggestions a go first. I now need to wait for the intermittent problem to rear it’s head again though. I really appreciate your help. Thank you.

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In the slight chance you have a keyboard attached to your Raspberry Pi, enabling debug mode can be quickly enabled by pressing CTRL SHIFT D simultaneously.

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