Debugging unstable Vero4k

Hi! I have a Vero4k that has been acting odd recently, and would love some help

The symptoms were mostly sporadic reboots. Generally at the point in which you start playing a file. It has been getting worse, and a few days ago it was at the state of “Enter Movies menu, select movie, click play” at which it reboots (sometimes twice) and then once that’s done you could retry and this time it would actually play.

I was considering posting here with debuglogs but put it off, until last night when I got fully stuck in a boot loop. It was just not making it to the start screen at all, but rebooting when it was about to start. So I yanked power and let it sit.

Today, I think “OK, this has gone on long enough, debug logs time” so I move the unit from my Lounge to my office, connect up power, monitor and ethernet (athough usually this unit connects to the SAN over wifi). And sure enough now I can’t trigger any faults.

My first thought was perhaps thermal issues due to it living in a cabinet with a potentially warm receiver?

/sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp was showing around 64000

Anyway, accepting any suggestions on the best path forward here. I guess making sure logging is set to debug, move it back to the regular spot and see if I can trigger a reboot?


64C isn’t anything to worry about on your device.

I’d try that first. We can then at least see which version of OSMC you’re on.

When you say reboot, is the device actually rebooting or is Kodi just restarting?


19.5.0-15 on bullseye

Full reboot (uptime was back to 0 after)

Let’s get some logs to see what’s going on then



Finally! It took a while, but I got a set of logs just after a reboot

Of note: I was trying to play a large 2160p file

So. Last night it got into a boot loop again, here’s a dump from the last reboot before that happened

In the interests of trying random stuff, I swapped over the power cable from my vero4k+ and that seemed to help a lot. I wonder if this is due to power instability?

Any recommendations on PSU?

You can grab them here;


Just checking back in, sorry. I’m still waiting on my replacement PSU (and I just got your email about the delays, sorry to hear about the laptop). In the meantime, I’ve been swapping the good PSU over between my vero4k and vero4k+ and that was working fine. Except the last 2 nights the vero4k+ has had issues playing files, and now I’m worried this wasn’t PSU related.

I’ve grabbed the logs from the issue tonight if they shed any light

This time, partially through a file it dropped all communication, and the screen blacked out except showing “buffering”. SSH wasn’t responding, and I had to yank power.


Hi Brett,

Your order has shipped, so it should be with you shortly.

I’d suggest waiting for the new PSU to arrive and seeing if the issues persist.