December Update. 4k Broadcast TV Colorspace detection broken

In the December 2018 update (Krypton-Stable), Astra UHD Demo TV channel now is wrongly played back with Rec709 Color space instead of Rec2020.

Dec update logs below

Oct Update Logs below

I note that this is also broken in the latest Leia daily

Leia log below.

Do you have a sample recording of this channel?

Can you confirm if recordings are affected or only Live TV?


Both Live TV and Recordings are affected.
Link to sample file 1.5 mins (125mb) below. Download speeds may not be the fastest but it should work.

Link updated:

Re-uploaded to internal storage so we can test without taxing your bandwidth.

Second file recorded. 30 Secs. (29MB). . This time with a .ts extension.

link below.

Is this still an issue?


I’m currently away from home. I’ll check and confirm over the weekend.

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I have made a fresh install of the latest stable release (2019.04-1), activated Tvheadend client addon and played the SES channel.

The channel is played back as 8 bit SDR.
A sample recording is linked below. 20MB
Meidainfo of the file shows is as 10bit.

I suspect that the channel transmissions are HLG although this is not shown in the file info and I can’t confrim this. When I toggle the HLG bit using my HDFury Vertex there appears to be more highlight detail shown on the TV.
I cannot rule out whether the earlier nightlys were ouptuting the wrong colour space. It did look much better though and I was used to it…

We haven’t added HLG support yet but it will come soon.