December Update Has Caused Remote to Go Crazy

I updated to the December update today and now my remote is possessed. I’ve changed nothing in my setup or Harmony remote, but now I get multiple remote presses at random times. I am running the Kodi 18 builds updated today, so I can’t honestly tell you which of those has wreaked havoc on my system. I finally got logs uploaded (about five times by the look of things because of the remote problem), and if you look at 8:22pm you’ll see the multiple remote presses getting passed (even though I literally pushed the remote against my chest to absorb any IR signal after the initial presses).


We need a lot more information.

What remote are you using?
What remote profile are you using?
What device are you running OSMC on?

Can’t think of any remote changes in the OSMC update that would’ve caused this. Can you reproduce this with Kodi v17 (stable)?

Kodi v18 is still experimental.



I’m using a Harmony 650 that is emulating an RC6 remote using the RC6 remote profile for OSMC. I’m running OSMC on a Vero 4K+. I’m not in a position to flash this thing all the way back to Kodi 17, so I just plugged my FLIRC back in and all is well. The IR has always been disappointing, but I didn’t want the visual lump of the FLIRC on the side of my Vero 4K+. But I guess that’s a better and more stable choice than the built in IR.

Disable RC6 decoding in the bottom corner; this will fix the duplicate presses