December update: non-persistent contrast adjustment

Thanks for the latest update and the amazing all-round support for OSMC.

Per discussion elsewhere re the non-persistent contrast adjustment upon re-starting playback, I am still seeing this problem in the latest release. Appreciate there has been a lot on the to-do list, is there potential for this to be fixed at some point?

It seems brightness is persistent but contrast is not and we couldn’t figure out why before the release. It won’t be forgotten.

Cheers. Thinking of set-ups with a mix of HDR and SDR clients running off a shared SQL database, would there be scope for title-specific contrast adjustment to have a local profile, or is this something that might be addressed via future SDR conversion options in the GUI?

Ideally, there would be a PQ-SDR curve that’s best for a particular display and a particular set of hdr metadata.

Something tells me that won’t work in every case, especially in these early days of hdr where studios and display manufacturers are still trying to figure out how it’s all supposed to work. If there turns out to be a need for settings to be stored by display-title pairs, then we should rattle Kodi’s chain.