Decode multi channel audio as stereo [RESOLVED]


I have an RPI 3 with the HifiBerry DAC, which is stereo only. I was wondering if OSMC has an option to decode multi channel audio as stereo?

Sorry if this was already asked, I tried searching but found unrelated questions. Thanks.

Just set output to 2.0 in settings-system-audio

ok, thanks. I thought so, but I wanted to be sure.

Maybe useful

Indeed useful. Something I was not aware of.

In the end I’ve decided to leave the LFE settings off, as my speakers can produce a range from 60 Hz - 20 KHz; so half of the LFE spectrum (3 Hz - 120 Hz) would not be heard anyway.

Depending of the level of speakers you may have a built-in filter so no issue on this side. It worth the check.