Default color space and HDMI RGB range

What is a default colour space (YcbCr, RGB?) and HDMI RGB range (full or limited) for Vero 4K /Vero 4K+


This was at the top of the list when using the forum search for “default color space”.

YCbCr; Limited Range.


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Thank you

On my 1080p Sony TV model from 2008-ish I have an option Called “Colour space” in advanced picture settings and the options are standard and wide. Do you have a clue how to set it ?

I’m not going to try to answer that question, but I will suggest a different place to ask it. :slight_smile: If you’re in Britain or Europe, try ; elsewhere in the world, especially in the US, try .

Loads of helpful and knowledgeable people on both sites.