Default crontab of user osmc

Silly mistake… I have accidentally overwritten the crontab of user osmc with the crontab for user root :sweat_smile:.

I have now completely removed it with crontab -r (as user osmc).

  1. Is this a big problem? I.e. are there super important jobs run from user osmc’s crontab?
  2. Can I restore the default crontab for user osmc (or could someone copy/paste it here)?

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help with this!

As cron is not installed by default on OSMC there can also not be a default crontab for the user OSMC

Awesome. So my crontab -r was the right move? Thanks so much for the quick response!

Well as mentioned nothing from OSMC in there. So unless you installed cron for a reason and wanted some regular tasks been executed by OSMC user yes it was right

That is indeed not the case. Thank you so much again! Cheers.