Default gateway

I am using DHCP server which provides IP address and default gateway to client based on MAC. Most of my clients get one gw and some get different (VPN). One of those with special treatment (VPN) is raspi. When I run raspbmc, I get correctly the VPN default gw. But when I run osmc (on the same raspi) I get only correct IP, gateway is nonVPN.

Correcting myself. It is not about setting default gateway, it is about adding additional routes from DHCP using dhcp option 249.

Raspbmc uses dhclient as the DHCP client - OSMC uses the integrated DHCP client built into Intel’s connman. (connection manager)

It’s possible that the connman DHCP client doesn’t actually support dhcp option 249 as it’s a small lean network manager originally designed for mobile and embedded devices.

This issue may get fixed eventually but it is likely to be a low priority as it’s a fairly obscure use case and there is a lot of other more critical work to be finished on OSMC first.

Thank you for explaining.
If I want to add static routes when OSMC starts, where should I put them ? And should I use connman for it or just plain route add commands ?

/etc/network/ifup.d should be fine. Any script there will be executed on network bringup

route add should be fine as well and this doesn’t need to be done through connmanctl