Default subtitles very large


Subtitles which have downloaded with the file are very large despite me changing the size in kodi settings. If I download a sub through kodi this is at the size expected as per my settings. Any ideas?


Are these .sub .idx subs:

Thanks Tom.

They appear to be embedded in the video file so that may be why. Not a biggie as it’s a rarity this happens.


yes Its .sub .idx subs. As explained I know why they look blurry. Its because .sub is a collection of pictures with the lines of subtitles that are then planted in the standard subtitle location on the screen and since they are ment for dvd they dont match 1080p or better videos and look blurry.

I’m just wondering if there is a way to make it less visible.

I always experience the default subs too large/immune to my settings. If i download the first on the list from subscene it then applies my settings (small font/grey).