Deinterlacing / extraneous scaling issues

From what I’ve read, that’s exactly what hasn’t been done there properly… David Attenborough’s voice is deeper on UHD HD :rofl:

I just thought if you were pressing one disc for the whole world you might go for the source framerate rather than convert from 50 to 60Hz.

Yep - that would fine if North American TVs could handle 50Hz or 25Hz sources. Many of the mainstream manufacturers (Sony, Panasonic etc.) don’t… It’s 59.94Hz or 23.976/24Hz only…

If you release a 1080i25, 720p50 (or 2160p25/50 UHD) disc - as a global release you’ll be deluged with returns from North America accompanied by ‘It won’t play’ complaints. (And 1080p25 isn’t an option for Blu-ray - it’s not part of the standard)

(Or a 576i25 DVD for that matter)

Meanwhile a 1080p23.976, 1080i29.97, 720p59.94 (or 2160p23.976/59.94) release will play globally… (or a 480i29.97 DVD)

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Yep - that’s the downside - people have to know what they are doing…

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