Deinterlacing live TV?

I’ve got a Raspberry Pi 4 running the latest OSMC. To get OTA broadcast channels, I run an antenna through a USB tuner into tvheadend running on a Linux-based desktop computer that I use as a media server. That gets sent over the network and runs through Kodi’s TVH PVR addon. It worked flawlessly back when I was running Kodi 18 on my old RPi 3. But since upgrading my system, Kodi 19 no longer seems to support deinterlacing in any usable way on Raspberry Pi hardware, and many TV channels have become very difficult to watch for any period of time, because of the interlacing. Until this annoying problem finally gets resolved on Kodi’s end (they’ve made it clear it’s not much of a priority), does anyone know if there’s a simple way to get deinterlacing done on the tvheadend server side, before it’s sent to OSMC/Kodi for viewing? I’ve googled the problem, and people have suggested transcoding with ffmpeg and pipe://, but I can’t seem to be able to figure it out on my own system. Just looking for suggestions. Thanks!

You could disable hardware acceleration for some basic SW deinterlacing.

True. But that’s not a nice experience, either.

Then you’ll need to just wait. Deinterlacing will come soon (next few months)

Great! Good to know. Thank you!