Delay Automatic Update

I would like it very much if the automatic update feature, which presumably will be part of OSMC, had an option to delay an update until the next restart or for a certain number of hours.

How many times have I sat down to watch some videos with my family only to discover that, for whatever reason, I have to reboot. This is followed by a long wait while the system updates. It would be so nice if I could delay that update until some time in the future.

Yes, I could disable automatic updates, but then I have to remember to manually check for them. Not going to happen.


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I suggest you try the new update system first


Well, I was publicly scolded for installing alpha releases on my daily-use system, so I went back to Raspbmc. Therefore, I haven’t had a chance to try the new update system.

If the new update system addresses my concerns, then feel free to delete this thread.

No need to delete, I am sure others will have this question

Wish this could be incorporated. I find the same, switch to OSMC and presented with a update. Can’t do it at the time so I have to at a later date do a manual check and then update. Would be great if one could just delay if for x hours.