Delay in NFS share mounting

Hi all, wondering if I could please have a bit of advice on what is hopefully the final issue now that I have switched my OSMC server Pi from a 3 to a 4 and begun using NFS shares to hopefully improve 4K playback.

Admittedly this is not going to be a huge issue if it can’t be resolved but I’d like to try and understand what might be causing it.

From a fresh boot, the HDD connected directly to my Pi 4 OSMC server will take approx. 8 minutes to show up at it’s mount point (mnt/HDD). From other similar posts regarding NFS shares I’ve noted that it can sometimes be the “wait for network” option in My OSMC causing the delay, but I’ve tried with this enabled and disabled with no change.

My mount config is as follows

UUID=52D4C34DD4C331D1 /mnt/HDD ntfs defaults,noatime,nofail,x-systemd.mount-timeout=30 0 0


Many thanks for any assistance.


I think your are confusing nfs and ntfs

You seem to have entries in your fstab for nfs, but are trying to mount ntfs; which may explain the delays. I would change fstab to the following:

UUID=52D4C34DD4C331D1 /mnt/HDD  ntfs    defaults    0   0

Thanks Tom.

That seems to have done the trick! Thanks very much for the info Tom, Merry Christmas!

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