Delay loading media after previous media finishes

Hi Team,
Converted relatively recently from ATV2 to RPI2 with OSMC, and haven’t looked back. However recently, I’ve noticed that when I’ve watched a file (x264.mkv, 720p), when I try to launch another video, OSMC seems to hang for upto 30 seconds/1 minute, and then fail to load.

I don’t get any sort of error notification, however then I can go back and restart the video, and it starts perfectly and plays.

Also seems that if I finish watching a video and go do somethign else, and then come back to watch another one (say an hour or so later), then it starts fine at this time.

So in summary, I only seem to run into the issue when trying to watch back to back video files.

Just FYI, video is streaming off a windows 10 dedicated Media Server PC. All hardwired with Cat6e.

interested to see if anyone else has experienced this, and if anyone has found a solution?