Delay repoducing mkv files


I am trying to see a tv show on my osmc with a mkv file and it has a lot of delay.

I have a raspberry 1 model b.

Thank you in advance.

You’ll have to explain the issue more carefully.
Do you mean audio/video is out-of-sync (but video otherwise plays smoothly)?
Do you mean that video is playing slowly (e.g. at half the expected framerate)?

What is the format of the video (e.g. post mediainfo output).


Thank you for the replay,

The file format it’s a mkv, and the video plays slowly.

mkv is not a video format, it’s a file type. There could be nearly any video format (codec) inside it.

Please provide the output of mediainfo for the file as requested or there is nothing anyone can do to help you.

This link is a bit more verbose yet easier to follow as a “how to provide mediainfo output”. Hope this helps.

Hi, ActionA thank you very much for the helping.

Here the information about the file.

HEVC is VERY demanding to decode. Even the Rpi2 has difficulty. There are several threads here that refer to it’s use. I’m afraid you are going to have to upgrade to more robust hardware or use a different encoding format.

All Right :smirk: