Delete Favorites

Every couple months, for whatever reason, my NAS changes its local IP address. When it did recently, I lost it as a video source to my Vero 4K, so I updated the Vero sources to my NAS’s new IP. And it’s back to working like normal.

But now I can’t delete the “favorites” (on the Vero home screen) that are still tied to the old IP which I can no longer access.

Is there a way to delete favorites if you can no longer acces the source folder within Vero.

Why don’t you just set a static IP for your NAS. You could do it on the router, or possible just assign an IP on the NAS.

If you have a Context button assigned, try pressing that with a Fav selected. There should be a delete option.

Otherwise, try to ssh in, and look in the .kodi directory. You will find favourites.xml and you can manually edit it to remove/fix the favorites.

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