Delete (music) database for a clean start

My music database has become corrupted.

There are music files in the library that can not be removed or retagged.
Even removing these files from the library path and then cleanup my music library doesn’t help.
The albums/songs still remain visible, but ofcourse can no longer be played.

This has happened on my OSMC Vero and the Kodi installation on my Mac Mini.

In the end I deleted/renamed MyMusic82.db first on my MacMini.
That is: stop Kodi, delete/rename database, restart Kodi and then update library.
The resulted is a MyMusic82.db on the Mac Mini that no longer contained the corrupted entries.

On the Vero this doesn’t work.
I delete ‘/home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/Database/MyMusic82.db’
A new MyMusic82.db is created.
But is still contains the corrupted information

My question is: how can I delete/rename the old music database so that a restart will result in a clean music database (MyMusic82.db) (that doesn’t contain the corrupted information)?

Does that folder have a “MyMusic<some number lower than 82>.db” file there. If so that is the music database from a previous version of Kodi and if that is present Kodi will automatically upgrade from that instead of making a new empty database. The only other reason why I can think of deleting that file wouldn’t get you a new library is if you were only deleting from the master user and not the profile.

That was indeed what happened.
Disabling the old music databases did the trick.
Renaming all the databases caused onscreen the build the database from scratch.

Problem solved.


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