Delete subtitles automatically

When I delete an episode from OSMC, subtitles are left there until I delete them via File manager or sftp. Would it be possible to add a settings checkbox where I can allow removing subtitles automatically with the movie?

It would probably be better to ask in the Kodi forum as this is a feature in Kodi´s internal file manager.

Ok, I thought you are also customizing Kodi

Sure, some things, but not main or fundamental features such as this (unless there might be a PR somewhere).
We do sometimes backport stuff from commits that has gone into main line (next version), but I am pretty certain that such changes is not something we would look into unless there is a huge demand for it… and if there were the change would still be best upstream anyway.

Bit off topic, but is there a way of selecting a local subtitle to play. If it’s named the same as the video file it will play automatically, but sometimes there will be a typo and I would like to search the title manually.?.

Figured it out Subtitles in Kodi Browse for subtitles in Audio Settings