Deleting all config from the OSMC TVHEADEND service (in the appstore) to start again?

All - what commands are required to do this? The user ip address was changed inside the [ipaddress]:9981 and now I cannot login to the service.

For correct ip intialisation next time, what should it be?

Home network is (router) with the Vero box set to static IP. I did have in the tvheadend service but couldn’t see any muxes/networks etc, and so I changed it to what (I thought) it was asking for (the router) and now can’t login…

I have tried to stop the service, reboot and retstart the service but still cannot login to SSH still works fine with normal username and password for the device.

Well, the most radical method is to start with a new tvheadend config:

  • SSH to the OSMC device
  • sudo systemctl stop tvheadend
  • mv /home/osmc/.hts /home/osmc/.hts.old
  • sudo systemctl start tvheadend

should let restart tvheadend in a virgin state.

You can also try before changing back user prefix for the accesscontrol:

  • SSH to the OSMC device
  • sudo systemctl stop tvheadend
  • cd /home/osmc/.hts/tvheadend/accesscontrol
  • each user entry in the tvh web GUI has a single file, edit it and change back the prefix line to:
    "prefix": ",::/0",
  • sudo systemctl start tvheadend

Hope that is what you meant by

You may find uninstalling tvheadend in the AppStore, followed by deleting the data directory

rm -r /home/osmc/.hts

then re-installing tvheadend easier to do. Then you can follow the installation instructions exactly again.

Thanks that worked a treat.

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