Deleting Movies/TV Shows - empty folders?

Deleting Movies/TV Shows from OSMC, via “Remove from Library” deletes the file but leaves the Empty folder where the file was. How can I say OSMC to remove all: movie file, subtitle, and folder after removing from the library?


AfaIk, there is no “automatic remove of empty directories” within kodi.
If you do not want to go at the command prompt level, you can use the file manager, see settings -> file manager

But be warned:

  • you can delete folders/directories with the GUI file manager even if they still contain files
  • you can only delete files/folders the osmc-user has permissions to do it
  • to enable deletion/renaming you have to activate that at settings -> media -> general -> allow file renaming and deletion, before

When I scrape a TV show into my library that is stored inside a folder structure “name of TV show/Season X” and I then delete the whole season/TV show via the context menu, the whole folder structure of that season/TV show is gone as well - I had activated the setting @JimKnopf has described.
Maybe this behaviour is defined by the way you’ve configured the “content” of your library directory (e.g. recursive scanning on/off, stored in folder matching the movie/TV show name on/off). But I’m no expert… For TV shows I’m simply using “TV shows” as the defined content and everything disabled under “content scanning options”.

I’m not sure how this is done for movies as I haven’t stored them in additional folders, but all in one (therefore set content to movies, enabled recursive scanning and disabled separate folders per movie).

Maybe if I check the option: “stored in folder matching the movie” Kodi will delete and the folder… I need to test this.

If you’ve stored movies in separate folders, but haven’t ticked the corresponding option, Kodi wouldn’t know about the folder and can’t delete it… That’s at least what logic would suggest. Maybe using this option will do the trick for you :+1:t2: But for TV shows it should work without as those always have to be stored in subfolders for different seasons.

Also check this setting, @JimKnopf mentioned: