Deleting TV episodes not working most of the time

I have my media on a Synology NAS that is connected via NFS to my Vero 4K. When I delete a watched movie it’s gone. When I delete a TV episode, 99 out of a 100 times it is still on the NAS. The movies and TV episodes are in the same share, so the permissions are the same. The only difference is that TV episodes are in subfolders and movies are not. Any explanation for this and hopefully a way to fix this?

First thing to do would be look at logs to see if something glaringly obvious is afoot.

Just how are you ‘deleting’ them? Normally ‘deleting’ from Kodi just removes it from the database, not from the drive.

I enabled the option to delete files from disk. So now when I delete it first asks if I want to delete it from the library, and after selecting Yes it asks me if I want to delete it from disk. I then of course also select Yes. And as mentioned, for movies this works fine.

I’ll give that a try. Will have to look up how to get these again, but I’ll manage I think. I’ll come back on this.