Delivery delays

Hi !

I’ve ordered a Vero 4K on August the 7th. The order is shipped with a tracking number but the vero seems to be blocked on ROISSY (France) since then. (UK to France)
Is there a problem with toll or something similar ?

I haven’t had any updates to let me know what’s happening with my order, so an update to let me know the shipping date would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot !

P.S. I can PM the tracking number if needed.


If you PM me the order # I can check this for you.


sent !

Blocked in Roissy for 1 Week? That’s odd.
I admit that we had a long Week-End in France, but that would be extreme.

This is just a test run for post-Brexit service levels.


I’m sorry you haven’t received the item yet. Delivery to France is usually quite prompt.

I’ve had a couple of reports since your post, and for some reason a few of our orders sent to France are in a similar situation. I checked and your item left the UK expediently and arrived in France on 9th August. Delivery is handled by La Poste in France. They have received the item.

Arrivée en France

I recommend contacting La Poste and asking them how the delivery is
progressing. I will start an investigation on our side as well and check with
Royal Mail.

As there seem to be delays with other items that have been shipped to France, I
suspect that nothing is lost or misplaced, but that there is either some industrial
action or a backlog. We saw a similar situation in Sweden in March with Post Nord
which meant that some of our items were delayed by 2 weeks.

Of course, if there’s no progress soon we will send a replacement device
out for you.

Thank you for your answer.

I’ve just received the vero 4k this morning !
I’m quite disapointed, there is no USB remote receiver dongle in the box so i can’t use the remote so i can’t use the vero 4K :’(

Check again, it’s in a small bag that is within the bag that the remote is in.
I also overlooked it first.

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o m g i’ve just found it !
It had fall off the table…

My bad ! sorry !