Delogo/remove/blur function for OLED TV users addon

Is that maybe possible? Because OLED TVs get more and more popular and they can burn in (yes, even when they say its not possible it is possible). So it would be cool if someone could build a function to blur/remove TV Stadion logos.

I thought about some kind of function where you can choose the size of the logo to get blurred you can make it bigger with your remote or keyboards and then you can just simply blur it. Ofcourse some kind of autofunction would be cool too but i don’t think an automatic function would work because of so much logos

I found this tool here:

but its actually not working (it says done but blurs nothing) there is also an avidemux filter (which uses mplayers delogo filter):

which is also not bad. I think a lot of users would love this feature maybe a programmer could make an addon? or could be implemented as OSMC feature?

And please no OLED vs. LCD discussion.

I think a lot of guys on the forum with Veros are big OLED fans.

This would be very tricky because of the hardware accelerated pathway. Can anyone advise as to the potential of burn-in on these displays?

What make and model of display do you have?

If a logo was always in the same place, I could think of a dirty hack to remove it.


Personally i own a 4 year old OLED and had no burn in but i dont use logos from TV stadions very often, normally i watch the versions without any logos (like Amazon/itunes etc) but a friend of mine watches almost everything with logos and he had that idea.

Sadly the logos are not always on the same place and different (some small small big) thats why a blur function would be cool.

I could give you some logo examples if you need that? Also VLC has a blur function maybe (because its open source) you could use the source from them? Or look it up, sorry my programmer/coder skills are to low to actually code it myself :confused:

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The 2018 OLED’s (not sure about the older ones) have a function for dimming logos built in that can be changed in the menu. While it doesn’t dim them massively it should reduce the risks of burn-in a bit.

You tube video linked in the article above, if you skip to 1.17 / 8.56, he states:

"Unlike the C8, earlier OLED models don’t expose controls to the logo luminance detection feature, but it is active even though its invisible in the settings”

Mine has this not because it was introduced in 2015 also that function is a joke saw it on newer models and mostly it will still only dim and not blur the logos.

It just be a nice addon because then i don’t need to blur the files myself (and its more noob friendly then).

Would be cool if somebody could build something.

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This sounds like a request that should be directed to Kodi developers.

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i did they are not interested (sadly).

Correct me if I’m wrong, but how would blurring the logo stop burn in. Isn’t a blurred logo still just a static area of pixels that will still burn into the screen? To prevent burn in the pixels need to change over time, blurring the logo wouldn’t do that, what you’d end up with is still static pixels.

Look at the video above the pixel are changeing all the time because the filter from mpv player and from vlc player are “smart” enough to not only blur the logo they also change the pixels every second. I can make a video to show you.

Except for the two pathological viewing habits (CNN all the time), the other 4 show no significant image retention or uniformity issues after over 5000 hours. And, those 4 are also somewhat odd viewing habits (either the same channel all the time, or the same type of content all the time). So, with any reasonable mix of content, you should be fine.

I had some minor image retention on my Panasonic plasma (mostly from watching baseball from the same sports network, so logos in the same place), but it was only visible on the full-color slide images, and disappears about a month after the season ends.

Here is an example:

I use avidemux for blurring:

Sample without blurring:

Sample with blurring:

Would be nice for local files and maybe for live tv. I could not upload it on youtube because i don’t want to get striked by CBS.

Sounds like you might be a bit oversensitive to a non-issue but this could be a great opportunity for you to polish your skills if you are so motivated :wink:

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I was talking about the burn in on OLEDs, it is possible and trust me it is an issue if you watch many live content and as i said iam not a programmer.

It was just a question because a friend of mine watch a lot of normal TV, i personally not (because i use Amazon/Itunes without any logos) but it would be a good addon for other people.

He’s not the only one. I would posit that most owners of OLED televisions watch a lot of normal tv. I’m sure he appreciates your concern for his devices though!

And a lot have sadly issues with burn in i’m not quiet sure why LG can’t fix it or build a function to blur the logos or Sony/Panasonic/Philips who buys the panels from LG.

Thanks for the demonstration video, so it’s not just a blur it’s more like using the clone tool in photoshop to copy pixels from outside the logo area over the top of the logo and then a bit of blurring.

Yes i tested it also with VLC and it does use the hardware acceleration so its not only CPU rendering.

Which platform was VLC running on?